Altınbeşik Cave National Park

Located in the southern coasts of Turkey, situated in the city limits of Antalya, the national park includes an advanced cave system in the Karstic structure of Taurus Mountain Ranges. Three-tier and 2500 meter long the cave forms the main resource value of the national park. Altinbesik Cave where the waters from Büyük Doline, Oruç Doline and Feyzullah Doline fall into the Manavgat Creek is rather a remarkable area thanks to its geography and geological formations inside.

Flora: The flora in Altinbesik Cave National Park is mostly composed of Mediterranean scrub flora. Cedar, Juniper and Red Pine and a great number of flowers are grown widely in the region.

Fauna: There is no significant animal species in the national park with the major resource value being the Altınbesik Cave. Some predators such Wild Gats and Wild Boars, Fox and Wolf which are the mostly encountered animal species as well as some game birds form the fauna of the region.