Battle of Sakarya National Historic Park

13,850 hectares of national park located in an area of Ankara province in Central Anatolia Region covers. National Parks value of the original source, which is the foundation of the War of Independence and the struggle for independence of the Republic of Turkey which represented a milestone would be achieved by established area where the Battle of Sakarya occurred. Ankara's Sincan district of Haymana and limit the use of space on the road to recovery of these take place in the War of Independence and the war took place trenches, positions are located the cemetery.

Battle of Sakarya Historical National Park area, the founding spirit of the Republic of Turkey and the history of the struggle during the War of Independence, to protecting future generations of the cultural and spiritual values play an important role in the transfer. Not only Turkish, the whole world is full of memories of war from history buffs will be attracted to this area await visitors.