Beydağları Coastal National Park

The National Park involving Beydaglari which forms west Toros Mountains in the Mediterranean covers an area of ​​31.018 hectares. There are many ancient settlements in the National Park area placed between Pamphylia and Lycia coasts. The sites located in the seaside such as Olympos, Phaselis, Idyros were important centers of their period and from the perspective today, they have taken a form of priceless historical ruins.

There is flame burning for hundereds of years and being subject to the chimeras and Bellerofon legends in the Ilyada epic of Homeros near the ancient city of Olympos located in Beydaglari Coast National Park. This area, which is called as Yanartas, brings the myths of the peoples hundreds years ago to the visitors of National Park. Beydaglari Coast National Park is one of the important values of Turkey with its nature combining mountain and sea and historical values.

Flora: Thanks to the altitude difference of 2000 meters in the area of the National Park, it has a rich biological diversity. 865 plant species including gumwood, wild olive, and laurel and chinaberry tree have been detected in the National Park area, where plant species of Mediterranean climate live commonly. 25 of these species, of which 154 are endemic of Turkey, are grown only in this region. There is plant cover consisting of Turkish pine and maquis in the sea-facing sides of the Park.

Fauna:  72 bird species have been detected in the National Park area where there is also mammalian species such as wild goat, imperial eagle, wildcat, wolf, and rich and rare species.