Bird Paradise National Park

Marmara Region, Balikesir 17 058 hectares within the boundaries of the property from Anatolia's largest national park, which covers an area is an important area on the bird migration routes of Europe. The water level changes to the seasons and plenty of nutritious (örtrofik) as the main source value of Manyas Bird Lake is a lake right by giving the name of the national park incorporates the 266 bird species.

At the same time located in a national park area of the common inhabitants of the ancient settlement BC Since the 8th century began to settle in Anatolia with the Lydians to put an end to their domination it bears the traces of the Persians. Those who call for the first time with a name of heaven would mean to the region known as the Persians. The famous Turkish traveler narratives about Bird Sanctuary is located in the Evliya Celebi travels.

Flora: Manyas Bird Lake and the surrounding area a total of 92 plant species have been identified and are inland, diversity of aquatic plants in the transition region. predominantly terrestrial seedy area where the willow trees and woody plants can be seen. The transition zone vegetation FiveFingers grass, tamarisk, bulrush, cane, consisting of deep-rooted plants such as reeds and water over the ayakot. Aquatic plant species of the free water surface with floating rooted and unrooted species include aquatic plants. Aklar grass, marshmallow, wild jasmine, mint, köygöçür that, ranunculus, plants such as irises and kırkbog I are located in this region.

Fauna: A rich plankton and bottom with live populations Manyas Bird Lake, located on top of these creatures in the food chain has been converted into living space by an intense live. Lake and around 266 bird species and 23 fish species have been identified. Cormorants, white pelicans, ducks, geese, coot, crested grebe, mallard, common pochard, coot, the little egret, purple heron, glossy ibis, alacabalıkçıl, night heron, reeds nightingale, reed nightingale, aka Simulators, yellow vine and characteristics of the loom area among the bird species counted.