Boğazköy-Alacahöyük National Park

The National Park located in Central Anatolia in Corum contains some historical ruins belonging to Hattusa (Bogazkoy) settlement, which was the capital city of Hittites, one of the oldest civilizations of Anatolia. In accordance with the expression of " Thousand gods of Hattusa Land" mentioned often in Hittites texts, 31 temples structure have been identified until today during archaeological work in the area.

There are very important historical ruins such as City Walls, Lion Gate, Ground Gate and Written Rock in the National Park area of 2.600 hectares covered by many historical ruins which offer a historical tour to its visitors. Outside the Hattusa city, the open-air temple built between high rocks is one of the biggest and the most impressive historical ruins of Written Rock area. In the temple, figures of more than 90 god, goddess, animal and imaginary creatures have been embossed on the rock. The expression of I" In the house of the storm god of the all gods" in the Hittite's texts about spring and New Year finds its meaning in the Written Rock. In this aspect, the Written Rock should be "house of the storm god" according to Hittites.