Commander-in-Chief National Historic Park

Başkomutan Historical National Park is located within the borders of Afyon, Kütahya and Uşak Provinces. The historical national park is the witness of a part of the War of Independence. The park extends along the area where Battle of Dumlupınartook place, and it is full of monuments symbolizing the important moments of the history of the Republic of Turkey.

There are many martyr tombs and monuments in Kocatepe, which must definitely be visited by guests who are interested in the history of Turkey specifically. Preserved historical battle fields and museums which pass down the remains of the war to the next generations are located in the area as well.

Flora: There are over 60 plant species in the National Park area. The presence of43 endemic plant species are detected in Dumlupınar section. Also, the number of endemic plant species found in both the Kocatepe and Dumlupınar sections is 19. Pulley Oak, Mullein, Scots Pine, Larch, Greek Juniper, Tree of Heaven, Cedar, Beech are tree and plant species which can be seen in the region.

Fauna: Hedgehogs, hares, lesser mole, wolf, red fox are mammal species located in the National Park area. Zafertepe - Çalköy pond located in the Dumlupınar section, is a source of drinking water for animals,  and is home to especially various species of birds. Crested grebe, little grebe, white pelican, Dalmatian pelicans, pied herons, little egrets, bittern, dwarf bittern, great white heron, purple heron, black stork, , shelduck, hawk, falcon, buzzard, rough-legged hawk, kestrel, red-footed falcon, pike, lesser spotted woodpeckers, Syrian woodpecker, calandra lark, small calandra lark, crested lark, nightingale, cettis warbler, semi-collared flycatcher, goldfinch, reed bunting are aquatic bird species which are count in the National Park's fauna.