Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park

The national park located in Aydın province borders in the Aegean Region covers an area of 27.589 hectares. Dilek Peninsula has the best examples of the maquis vegetation in Turkey and in the northern sections, it has also plant species of Black Sea flora. Besides Turkey's most clean and natural beaches are located in Dilek peninsula. These coasts are the natural habitat of Mediterranean seals which remain only 500 all over the world.

Since Büyük Menderes Delta has the feature of being "Class A Wetland", it has an international importance. Büyük Menderes Delta is protected by the decisions of international Ramsar, Bern, Rio agreements and Barcelona Convention because of the  biodiversity and endangered animals and endemic species. The delta which an important living area for migratory birds, is also one of the areas of marine fish eggs.

Flora: In the national park area where 804 plant species have been detected that are classified at various levels of in Turkey has the best preserved maquis plants. In addition to this Mediterranean flora of Dilek Peninsula, as well as the Euro-Siberian group of plant species are significantly seen. National park borders where 30 endemic plant species are located, is the only place where Anatolia chestnut specific to North Anatolian forests and Snowball, Phoenician Juniper, Holm Oak and Cypress are grown as small communities.

Fauna: Many animal species such as  wild mammals Wild Boar, Caracal, Lynx, cattle, horses and hyenas abandoned to nature  take place in the fauna of the national park.