Kaçkar Mountains National Park

Rize province in the eastern Black Sea region within the boundaries of a national park located in the area is steeped in the highest mountains of Kackars. The highest point is 3932 meters with the Kaçkar Mountains national park, at the same time cover the region most rainfall in the country is covered by both rich and lush vegetation located in major rivers in both areas.

Firtina, Hemsin stream as large national park area is surrounded by rivers, it awaits its visitors with its unique natural beauty and landscape that hosts the most beautiful examples of the peculiar geographical structure of the Eastern Black Sea. Visitors to the region, nature photography, mountaineering, rock climbing and also offers the opportunity to sporting activities such as skiing and rafting along with activities such as trekking in Kackar Mountains National Park, also it carries regions of the opportunity to meet the on-site traditional transhumance culture.

Flora: A rich alpine meadows and Kackar having six forest flora, hosts within the boundaries of the genre for 2500 crops. 160 area, the Eastern Black Sea in terms of plant species which are endemic to Turkey oak relic 300 (residue) is important in terms of being kind. There are broad-leaved forests between 300-1500 meters in the area. 1500 meters from the eastern spruce at higher elevations, the eastern Black Sea are composed of fir and Scots pine forests. In the part of the 2400m high alpine plants are located.

Fauna: 30 mammal species identified in the area; weasels, pine marten, badger, lynx, otter, roe deer, mountain goats, wolves, bears, located species such as wild boar. In addition, the presence of 12 136 species of birds have been identified by the team in the region. 92 of them are under the absolute protection of species.