Karagöl-Sahara National Park

In the province of Artvin, Turkey's eastern Black Sea region is located in a national park. Sahara and Karagöl including two sections separated in the national park area; lakes, forests, springs are a combination of different natural and cultural features. Şavşat 45 kilometers north of the center of the lake, which is located in a landslide Karagöl around a great wooded area surrounded by the unique nature.

In the Sahara section of the National Park is a plateau, 17 kilometers from the center of Savsat. In 1700-1800 meters in sloping terrain is limited to a flat area in the Sahara zone anthropogenic steppe character takes place large areas. Scots pine and spruce and fir are also having a forest cover in the lower part of the Sahara, including the participation of local people who Laset River at the edge of the Sahara plateau Pancarcı Festival is done.

Flora: Karagöl and the surrounding jungle is prevailing in the pine and spruce species. In the Sahara section consisting of spruce and Scots pine forest cover in the lower part with their Fir is a rare structure. Kocabey Alpine plant species observed in the area around the plateau.

Fauna: Bears, wolves, rabbits, pigs, badgers, foxes, mammals such as squirrels and lynx, partridge, born wild pigeons, crows, magpies, starlings and bird species such as Jay and trout and snakes and fish species such as carp, lizards, reptiles, such as turtles living in the region.