Karatepe-AslantaƟ National Park

Mediterranean Region Osmaniye province located within the national park, stream, differing vegetation in rivers and lakes edge, when The Pond Dam Aslantas constructed on Ceyhan River and Karatepe of the summit is viewed with dense vegetation extending north side embodies the spectacular view of beauty. An important settlement of Karatepe-Aslantas National Park dating to the 8th century B.C in the late Hittite period of natural beauty is the owner and host of the archaeological remains of the castle. Roman and Byzantine period, a residential area that had been used as the unit can be found in the ruins date from this period. This form Karatepe-Aslantas National Park, the natural beauty in Turkey and that history is intertwined shows the distinction of being one of the many areas. Natural beauty and history of humanity, such as the ruins of these two qualities together, leaving fascinating effects on human hosts Karatepe-Aslantas National Park awaits its visitors.

Flora: Within the boundaries of the National Park as well as trees such as red pine and oak species, the Mediterranean maquis vegetation species endemic character has plants. Forest, river beds and dam around in different types of areas where plant diversity in stream beds, Platanus orientalis, Ostry carpinifolia, Celtis australis, Nerium oleander, vitex agnus-castus and next to trees and shrubs such as Rubus sanctus, Clematis cirrhosa and Ampelopsis orientale as climbers visible, are usually dominated by herbaceous species around the reservoir.

Fauna: 17 mammal species, 12 reptile, 5 amphibian species in visible areas, consisting of sections with different habitats from each other by the presence of the reservoir has made remarkable bird population in the national park boundary. National Park in the 120 located in the red list of 185 bird species where have been identified. Also in the field are also 22 species of fish live.