Kazdağı National Park

Edremit district of Balıkesir borders, covering an area of 20 935 hectares spread Ida Mountain National Park, Turkey is located in a transition area between the Marmara and Aegean regions. Kazdagı have attracted people's attention and resources to the natural beauty since ancient times in the past have called Mount Ida is a mountain became the stuff of legend. The highest point in the Biga Peninsula in hosting Mount Ida, rich in flora and endemic species of the region where almost no living with wild populations indicates that incorporates the distinction of being the lungs. Within the boundaries of the National Park with deep valleys and canyons that extends north-south direction to be moved to contain the effects of the sea. It succeeds in giving its visitors with a sweet intoxication owned Kazdağı oxygen density.

Flora: Ida Mountain Fir 32 units, mainly in the national park with the endemic plant species have been identified so far there are 800 plant species. The number of plant species in which has not yet been identified with Kazdağı flora is estimated to be about 1,000.

Fauna: Bear, boar, wolves, deer, foxes, badgers, martens in the area inhabited by mammals such as where the animals like hyena and lynx in the past, but they can not protect their assets have been identified today. Bears, wolves, roe deer as well as of the species was determined to be at risk.