Kızıldağ National Park

Mediterranean Region, located in the province of Isparta national park is spread over an area of 55 106 hectares. Located in a national park area on the geological structure of the Pınar Gozu Cave, embodies values such as source Beysehir Lake. It is worth seeing with all the qualities to be a great area. Red Mountain National Park, known for its cedar trees, Beysehir Lake waterfowl that have drawn attention to the potential owner. Red Mountain National Park part of the lungs and asthma mountainous areas in the national park, which is also a source of healing for the sick, the old forest, a river and lake surfaces together.

On the slopes overlooking the lake, juniper forests of the interior of the remaining mixed forest with Dedegöl Mountain almost year-round snow-covered summit within host Red Mountain National Park, offers moments to be spent in an atmosphere of dreamlike in visitors to the Mediterranean region.

Flora: Juniper, cedar, pine, red pine, fir and national park area showed wide distribution of oak forest is home to a rich plant cover density.

Fauna: Wolves, foxes, wild boars, martens, the national park that is home to mammals such as rabbits, waterfowl communities located around the Beysehir Lake. In the national park, where the total of 173 bird species have been observed with songbirds and birds of prey inland.