Köprülü Canyon National Park

Mediterranean region in Antalya province in the most important resource values of the national park, spreading over 35.719 hectares Köprücayı accounted for 14 km in length, which have occurred in the river valley splitting. Wall heights exceeding 100 m in places Canyons is one of Turkey's most spectacular geological formations. At the same time the area is a popular rafting river trout Köprüçayı is also famous.

Located in the National Park area and is widely spread in the form of pine and scrub areas showing 400 hectares of forest in the jungle of pure Mediterranean series it is a natural beauty with a unique value. Canyons National Park, Turkey's natural beauty and historical value of which blend together form recalls the very special geography makes Selge ruins of the home of the ancient city. Various historical periods of stone terraces in the National Park area, there are bridges and roads.

Flora: 203 of them endemic 950 different plant species are endemic in the area of 400 hectares spread was determined that Pure Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) forest is the most important resource values of the national park. Once the largest natural cypress forest here today that show the natural distribution of the Mediterranean. Cedar in the area (Cedrus Libani) and Taurus Fir (Abies cilcica ssp. Isauria ACE) mixed with old black pine (Pinus Nigra) forests are of great ecological importance.

Fauna: The presence of 32 species living in areas of research such categories when determining who is living with 10 of them endangered. Wild goats, griffon vulture, red trout, plasterer Anatolia from the bezoar goat and Horn legged birds turtles and Turkey, which is among the most important endemic fauna.