Lake Beyşehir National Park

The National Park, which covers an area of 86.855 hectares together with Beysehir lake located in Konya in Central Anatolia, was declared in 1993. Beysehir Lake, which is the third lake of Turkey in terms of surface area, is the biggest fresh water lake of Turkey. The national Park located in the intersection of Central Anatolia, Taurus Mountains and West Anatolia regions, contains within itself many different types of habitats thanks to this feature.

Its peak point of 2980 m, which makes a grand contribution to the Beysehir Lake's views, is one of the important beauties of the Anamas Mountains National Park. This lake going along 154 km and having many coves and gulfs, offers some opportunities to its visitors, such as  trekking, hiking, biking and jeep safari tours, accommodation with tent or caravan. Beysehir Lake is an area containing indispensable beauties of Turkey with drinking water supply, watering and beach use.

Flora:In the National Park area, there are many species such as Lebanese cedar, common juniper, tar juniper, fir, black pine, cermes oak, ash tree, walnut, black mulberry, male fern, mountain tulip, poppy, rubia tinctorum, sage, snowdrop and cyclamen. There are 560 plant species of which 88 is endemic.

Fauna: Beysehir Lake in which 16 fish species live such as pikeperch, carp, dace, rudd etc. is an important region for water birds. There are 153 different bird species in in Beysehir Lake. It has been detected that there is coot, mallard, little grebe, kingfisher and duck as well as 3 amphibians, 14 reptiles and 34 mm mammalian species.