Lake Kovada National Park

Isparta within limits, located national park in the Mediterranean region, Egirdir south-facing continued with between a result of the alluvial sands filled the narrow region, which have received a separate lakes different form lake and covers the environment. Environment 20.6 kilometers Kovada Lake is 900 kilometers altitude above sea level and the richness of the ecosystem with vegetation gives it the unique beauty of the landscape of the national park.

Tectonic a poly to the Kovada Lake turquoise, red pine that meet the water indicates the feature is an important recreational area for endemic Pulley oak and sycamore trees in the forest dominated by both local people as well as distant future visitors. Carp, perch and hosting of the species, such as lobster, Kovada National Park, camping, hiking, to be angling as well as activities such as photography, which creates an appropriate space.

Flora: In the national park area with large sections of forest, pine, red pine, juniper and various oak species. Around the lake and in the higher parts of the Taurus and Taurus cedar fir tree among the species that can be seen in the national park. In addition national parks, Chaste, Sandal, Arbutus, Heather, Nettle, Wild Olives Akcakese, Mersin, Menengic Painter Sumac, Medlar, Hawthorn, Cotoneaster, Blackberry, Wild Rose, Laurel, Rosary Tree, Karacalı, of scrub flora such as cor- dillera the Similarly, there are plant species.

Fauna: Wild boar, weasel, badger, fox, besides mammals such as rabbits and squirrels, wild duck, goose, Angut in bucket with bird species such as partridge and woodcock live in the lake carp and perch, are found within the national park boundaries to species such as freshwater Lobster.