Mount Güllük-Termessos National Park

Mediterranean region in the province of Antalya, which spans an area of 6,700 hectares of national park, Turkey's natural beauty and historical heritage constitutes one of the values lived together. Anatolia indigenous people located in the national park area where the remains of Termessos established by the City of Solimar is also the unique beauty of the hills, valleys and canyons are located in.

Covered with pine forest and scrub the area with the flora, species such as fallow deer lives also endangered. Depth as Rapier Main Canyon 600 meters to find and exciting Gulluk Mountain, where the geological formation of these landscapes - Termessos National Park gives the opportunity to see the ancient ruins of the city in the midst of a rich natural habitat to the visitors.

Flora: National park area of the Mediterranean climate type of plant communities, thanks to the multitude of features and different view of the elevation difference was rich in plant diversity. Mastic trees, wild olive, sandalwood, carob, bay, especially the rosary 680 different plant species have been identified in the area, and 80 of them have been identified as endemic to Turkey.

Fauna: Wild boar, fox, lynx, wild cat, badger, rabbit, weasel, squirrel, hedgehog, forest dormouse, red deer next to mammals such as bats, wild goat, the imperial eagle and species that are endangered, such as the lynx There is also the national park area. Moreover, the presence of 113 different species of birds have been identified in the area.