Mount Honaz

Mount Honaz National Park is located in the Southwestern part of Turkey, within the border of Denizli province, which is in Aegean Region. Honaz Mountain is the highest mountain in the Aegean Region of Turkey at 2528 meters and the national park surrounds this mountain.

Cluster pines, black pines and junipers are main trees of the flora, and tbemountain has dense forests which are formed by these trees.

Antique city of Colossae, which is an important center of the Phrygian civilization, is in the national park and gives possibility to see rock graves, which have been standing there for centuries.

Flora: There are 964 plant species, 122 of which is endemic in Turkey, have been determined in the Natinal Park area. Marjoram and Campanula are among these endemic species. Nettle, Mullein, Saffron has only grown in the Mount Honaz all over the world. Larch, Pine, Oak and Juniper are tree species which can be observed in the national park. 

Fauna: Wild boars, pusses, foxes, martens and badgers are noteworthy mammal species among the many species that live in the national park boundaries. Mountain goats are found in the dense in the region. Also there is very poisonous snake specie, which is called “Mountain Mother”, locally live near Honaz Mount.