Mount Nemrut National Park

In Eastern Anatolia, the main source of value within the boundaries of the national park Adiyaman constitute archaeological remains in Mount Nemrut. Park includes the area in ancient times "Commagene" There is a region known as BC and established an independent kingdom in the area of the ruins. B.C. The king of between 62 and 32 years with Antiochus Mound and other sacred sites are located 2150 meters high Mount Nemrut.

Mount Nemrut National Park, within the limits of the ruins many historic height, located in ten meters in giant god head statue and meters of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage inscriptions of length is a cultural treasure in a unique value. All over the world, next to the stunning ruins of this birthday and it is one of the last places can be monitored most spectacular sunset on Mount Nemrut form of thousands of people each year will create one of the reasons to come to the National Park.

Flora: Oak in the forest formations and various shrubs.

Fauna: Bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, to animal species such as badgers are found in the national park area.