Munzur Valley National Park

In the Eastern Anatolia Region Tunceli province in the 42 675 hectares spread over an area of a national park, Munzur in large eyes are the mountains that form the rich vegetation and wildlife diversity by watering born Munzer Su River covers an area. 2500 meters above sea level in the national park area is dominated by oak trees, it converts endemic plants and animal species indigenous to a region of the existence of a unique value.

National Park north of the 2000-3000 meter peak in the crater lakes located in the town of Ovacik eyes are flat and added to the landscape beauty of the canyon area. Munz Valley, located in Coral Munzer Water of participating in the creek valley slope Forty Stairs Falls until the Munzur Valley National Park is one of the beauties worth seeing.

The vegetation is quite rich in terms of the national park in 1518 plant species have been identified and 43 of these plant species Munzur Mountains, 277's also are endemic to Turkey. The hills and slopes in the dominant species of oak trees as well as elm, maple, ash, oak, vines, birch, walnut, wild hazelnut, poplar, plant species such as willow also among plant species in the national park.

Fauna: Wolf, fox, marten, bear lynx, otter, badger, squirrel, rabbit, wild boar and wild goat is located in the national park area. disrupt living in caves and rock cavities month, Munz is one of the most important large mammals wildlife.