Saklıkent National Park

It is named after Saklıkent Canyon which is a natural wonder worth seeing, and located at Southwest of Turkey, between Antalya Province and Muğla Province. The canyon, which is cared by Esen River, has steep slopes depths of which are around 1000 – 1100 meters .

The word “Saklıkent”, which means ‘the hidden city' in Turkish, reflects the secluded, mysterious beauty of the canyon. Trip in the canyon starts with the drawbridge, which has a length of 200 meters and built between steep slopes; and one of the deepest valleys of the world takes away the breath of the guests of the national park. Cedars, endemic geophytes and cyclamens are important beauties of the flora.

Flora: Acording to varying height levels of the Saklıkent National Park, the low-to-high respectively, scrub, calabrian pine, larch and cedar species is located. Although mainly calabrian pine are located at the entrance of the canyon, larch trees can be seenin areas above the altitude of 1000 meters. Dumanlıdağ and close around the Cedar tree which are monumental trees are located near Dumanlıdağ. There is also an area where those endemic cyclamen grows in Saklıkent National Park. This area is the southeastern part of the Aktar Plateau.