Sultan Reeds National Park

Sultan Reedy National Park, which is located in the Central Anatolia Region in Kayseri Province, has important freshwater bodies and salt springs. It is one of the rare ecosystems which have both freshwater lakes and salty lakes, and it is also important for nearly extinct bird species which live in the national park.

Since Sultan Reedy is on migration routes, and is an important region for these species to take shelter and reproduce, it is included by the Ramsar Convention, which is for protecting the wet lands which are important internationally for water birds.More than 130.000 water birds and 251 different bird species place a particular importance to the national park.

Flora: Sultan Reedy, which is a closed wetland area in Central Anatolia steppe ecosystems, is also important because it contains freshwater and saltwater ecosystems coexisting. The number of plant species identified in the area is 428 and 48 of them are endemic.

Fauna: Sultan Reedy which contains different habitats within provides growth, feeding, sheltering opportunities for many different types of species. The main richness of the fauna is bird species. 301 bird species are found in the region where bird population is 600,000 in periods with ecosystem characteristics which is close to ideal. This bird species are classified into 5 categories as Resident, Summer Migrant, Winter Migrant, Gateway, and Irregular.