Tek Tek Mountains National Park

Sanliurfa province in the southwest, is the main source of the value of the park is spread over an area of 19 335 hectares on Tektek Mountains create archaeological and cultural relics. Şuayp city ruins found at the site and ruins Sogmatar gives the national park remains unequaled as the actual value for the history of mankind.

A.D. 3 or 4 residues of thought Şuayp City is a city of the century spread to a wide area. ruins of buildings built of cut stone on the rock-cut tombs are located in the city center. According to a folk belief Şuayp prophet he lived in a cave between the ruins of this city and also visited the Prophet's authority as Şuayp. Sogmatar ruins while Sabizm and Baştanr of its roots in the ruins of Harran Sin culture is considered to be the cultural center Marihala. They have been here in the past pagan worship of the gods and the remains of the victims has presented an open-air sanctuary.

Flora: Turpentine plant (P. terebinthus L.), cornflower of (centaurea), Poppy (Papaver rhoes), thyme (Tymus sp.), Spurge (ephorbi sp.), Village Tristeza (Cricket arvense) and chamomile etc.

Fauna:  Park field; Gazzele (ode subgutturosa), Varanda Lizard (Varanus griseues), lynx (Lynx lynx) antelope, lynx, rabbits, wolves, foxes, up lizard, toy, little bustard, crane, red-legged kekelik, çilkeklik, falcons, hawks, rock doves, turtledoves , lapwing, tepelitoyg is, calandra lark, sand-grouse, crows, hoopoe, stork, starlings, sparrows and so on. fauna are found.