Uludağ National Park

Bursa province within the borders of the national park, which spans an area of 13 042 hectares height of 254 meters, which takes into Uludağ. Depending on the various forest regions with a clear height to a suitable area to observe flora world forestry literature is particularly important. In summer, hiking, mountaineering camping, picnic activities such as Uludag made, winter turns into a major winter sports center.

Average for skiing in Uludag 4 can be made during the month of the winter sports, snowboard, big foot, ice skating, activities such as snowmobiling is performed. Many hiking trails in Uludag is located in the entire Bursa, Gemlik Bay is located in a panoramic spots it can best be watched. Summit, lakes, springs and all the activities that can be done next season, which is also home to spectacular views of Uludag National Park, is Turkey's most popular winter sports center.

Flora: In the lowlands up to 350 meters scrub and frig until located the vegetation is a national park in the forest belt of mixed chestnut, common beech, regional oak and humid Uludağ fir extends high of cutting the low forest format. Uludag, a species endemic subalpine fir zone at elevations between 1800-2200 meters outside reveal dwarf shrubs and open grassland communities.

Fauna: Fox, coyote, wild cat, badger, squirrel, weasel, rabbit, deer, wild boar, hedgehogs, porcupines, mountain mouse, turtle, frog, trout, as well as creatures such as wolves and bears as well, Uludag inherent endemic Apollo butterfly and the Bearded Vulture has decreased quite a number are located in the area. Uludag designated as Important Bird Areas; Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Çakırkuş, Little Eagle, is thought to have lived in the subalpine and Gökdogan nature. Uludag is also known to aggregate in Turkey is one of the few where the owl lives.