Yedigöller National Park

Yedigöller National Park is located in the Northern part of Bolu Province and the Southern part of Zonguldak Province, in Western Black Sea Region. The lush green national park is on a rugged terrain. The national park with seven lakes contains beautiful landscapes and a crowded population of living creatures. It provides opportunities for guests who want to be in the nature and to observe it.

The most beautiful and diverse forests are located next to these seven lakes, some of which are connected to underground waters. Besides the vegetative cover consisting of trees, 240 plant varieties which consist herbaceous plants and bushes sprout in the national park as well. This great variety of plants has a mosaic-like appearance with their flowers of different colours.This unique view attracts nature photographers especially.

Flora: In the National Park area, which includes quite nice and mixed forests; Larch, Pine, Nordmann Fir, Yew, Oak, Hornbeam, Alder, Elm, Maple as tree species; Cranberry, Rhododendron, Euonymous Japonica, Sandalwood, Dinghy, Rowan, Hawthorn as shrubs; raspberry, blackberry as bushy plants are found. Cyclamen, lesser burdock, wild lily, orchids, coltsfoot,  wild cherry as herbaceous plants are included by the rich flora which contains almost 240 plant species.

Fauna: Deer, roe deer, bear, wolf, boar, squirrels and other wild animal species are found within boundaries of Yedigöller National Park and numbers of them increasing day by day. Also the area which is the oldest center of the cultivated trout farming in Turkey, has a significant potential for angling.