Yozgat Pine Grove National Park

Pine Grove National Park located in Yozgat Province in theCentral Anatolia Region purports as a green oasis enclosed with moorlands. It is considered as a dense forest that was covering the whole Central Anatolia Region in the past, but currently Yozgat Pine Grove National Park looks like the last memory of forests, which have been blasted by human beings. It is also the first established national park of Turkey.

A huge part of the national park, which contains an ecosystem with a rich flora and fauna, is on So─čukoluk Hill. Natural black pine forest on the North hillside andscotch pine plantation forests in lower parts are important values of the national park. The national park, which is located only 2 kilometers away from the Yozgat City Center, is a popular recreational area for the residents of the city.

Flora: Larch, oak, juniper, quaking aspen, aspen poplar, willow, hawthorn, pear are tree species have been identified in the National Park among 122 plant species in 43 families. Natural larch forest and plantation pine forest is the main body of the flora.

Fauna: Mammal species such as fox, puss, vole, marten, squirrel, breast; bird species such as sparrow hawk, magpie, collared dove, skylark, starlings, chaffinch, pyrrhocorax, hawk, falcon and reptiles such as turtles, lizards, snakes are living in the National Park. It is said white – tailed sea eagles which are identified with US can be seen in the National Park.